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Why Reupholster?

Firstly, you are able to keep your own furniture. The piece of furniture could be an heirloom that cannot be used due to its poor upholstery or a favourite product that is worn out yet no longer sold, thus this process can give your sofas and chairs a new lease of life.

Moreover, keeping your old sofa can have other benefits. Older sofas are foreign imports that are sold in shops these days and for that reason many people decide to reupholster a well-loved piece of furniture rather than buy a new product.

In addition, upholstery allows you to produce a piece of furniture which is unique to you. You are able to choose from a wide variety of different fabrics and you get to display all the original features of your furniture such as studded works, wooden pieces and button backs. This may be especially beneficial for those looking to reupholster second hand gems and wanting to update the pieces without losing their unique charm.

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