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Reupholster or Buy New

There are many benefits to choosing to reupholster your old furniture rather than buying new.

Although the thought of buying a new sofa or chair is exciting, the results are often pieces of furniture of far inferior quality to older and sturdier products that you have in your home which were not as mass-produced. Choosing to reupholster your items of furniture could actually give you the most long-lasting solution.

In addition, many people would prefer to restore and re-cover an old sofa than invest in a new one as it could save them a lot of money. Choosing a second-hand piece, and then reupholstering it, could be a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa or chair.

Moreover, reupholstery allows you a certain degree of individuality which buying a new sofa or chair from a major high street brand would not allow for. You are able to choose from a wide variety of different materials and designs to suit your style and the rooms of your house whilst keeping the shape and frame of your original piece.

Finally, choosing to reupholster your old furniture is better for the environment as it stops landfilled sites being filled with unwanted sofas and chairs. In fact, currently in England, 672,000 tonnes of furniture is thrown away every year! By choosing to reupholster your sofa or chair, rather than buying a new one, you are no longer contributing to this.

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