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Sofa Ideas for Open Plan Living

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16th March 2018

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16th March 2018

Open Plan Living has gained huge popularity over the last decade and its charms continue to delight homeowners. The modern and spacious layout works in both small and larger homes proving to be the perfect solution for many people. Choosing what furniture to put in your open plan living room however can prove to be problematic. Here are our tips for choosing a sofa for your open-plan space!

Keep it Neutral
Many people designing their open plan living area go for neutral colours and designs. Keeping the modern space sleek and sophisticated with subtle colours like whites, blacks and greys often works especially well.
Many homeowners also choose to make their room work well with a good use of symmetry. This minimalistic theme keeps the room looking spacious and airy.

Experiment with Bold Patterns
If a completely neutral space isn’t for you, why not try the complete opposite and go for brightly patterned or bold-shaped furniture. Perhaps you might want to keep the rest of your room neutral and have a colourful sofa as a vibrant and eye-catching centrepiece or you may prefer to keep your sofa as simple and sleek as possible and use artwork or bright walls as the focus. Some homeowners also like to experiment in an open plan space with a variety of textures and furniture to create an eclectic looking room that could look chaotic in other spaces.

Use your Sofa as a Divider
A great idea is to use your sofa to divide up your room. An L-shaped sofa, for example, is perfect for separating your room slightly. Moreover, you could use your furniture to create different zones in the room, perhaps by theme or colour scheme, making each area have its own personality.

Matching / Contrasting
When choosing furniture for an open plan space it is important to consider whether every part of the room is going to have a unifying colour scheme with the sitting and dining area having similar tones. You may even consider matching curtains and sofa or a linking accent colour throughout the large room. Alternatively, you may choose to add interest to the colour scheme and space by the inclusion of contrasting furniture and fabric.

Creating a Sociable Space
For sociable gatherings, you could choose the biggest sofa your space can handle, perhaps even filling the entire part of the room dedicated to you living space. A giant wraparound design or L-shaped sofa works brilliantly when guest come over and creates the ideal entertaining space.

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