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Why Might Banquette Seating Be Right for You?

Sofa Ideas for Open Plan Living

16th March 2018

Banquette Seating has gained popularity in recent years as a trendy and alternative seating arrangement. Yet despite the growth in interest, you may be forgiven for not knowing what it is exactly or why it might work for your home! Banquette seating is built in seating which first became popular in restaurants with booths and cozy seating areas but there is now a shift to it being used effectively in homes as well.
The upholstered benches nestle into walls and can be the perfect furniture solution. In fact, here are 5 reasons why a banquette be right for you!

  1. Maximize Space – Banquette seating is ideal for anyone looking to maximize space in their home as it can fit perfectly into tight spaces which may become too crowded with stand-alone furniture. Designing your own sofa means that a banquette can fit in any awkward area with exact measurements, even in a semi-circle. Even tiny banquettes can still be extremely useful!
  2. Work around windows – A bespoke banquette also works perfectly in a room with large windows, especially bay windows. It can therefore make a useful space out of an area that may have been disregarded.
  3. Versatility – This type of seating lends itself to many different scenarios. In a kitchen it can make the perfect breakfast nook with addition of a table, whilst on the other hand it can be placed in a living room, as a window seat or reading space. It can even maximize alcoves in halls and landings! A banquette seat can also be made more formal, for instance in small dining rooms where space is precious.
  4. Storage solutions – Not only is banquette seating incredibly savvy with space but it can also be an ideal storage solutions. It may, for example, fit under shelving or you may choose to include storage under the bench itself.
  5. Room divider – If you are looking to have a banquette seat in an open-plan space you may choose to use it to divide up your room rather than tucking it into a little nook. A luxury banquette sofa can be a perfect divider for a modern or traditional open room.
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