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How to Dress a Bay Window

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16th March 2018

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16th March 2018

Bay windows are a stunning focal point in any room but if you are lucky enough to have such a wonderful feature in your home you will appreciate the challenge of making the most of them.

Here are a few ideas!

  • Use roman blinds as well as curtains
    The most popular option for dressing a bay window is to opt for a combination of curtains and roman blinds. This allows for both style and practicality as it offers a lot of versatility as well as the opportunity to use a variety of patterns and colours in your design scheme. Moreover, this layering decision allows for extra sound and heat insulation as well as increasing privacy to your property.

  • Choose curtains that will make an impact
    Bay windows are such a fabulous feature that it is important to do them justice by dressing the window to create an impact. Bold floral curtains are a good option as are long sheer curtains keep the elegance of this type of window, if controlling light isn’t such a problem. You may even choose shutters for your bay window as a rather expensive investment that certainly make an impact.

  • Use curtains only at the bottom of the window
    Another idea could be to only dress the bottom half of your windows. This allow plenty of natural light through the top half whilst also keeping your privacy. This gives a stylish and contemporary feel to a bay window in any room.

  • Choose to use a curtain pole
    Although both a curtain track and pole will work in this situation, a curtain pole is certainly easier to navigate around curves and edges and also can make more of a statement. Alternatively, some people opt to use separate poles above each window in order to not struggle with such an awkward shape.

  • Window seat
    A bespoke banquette works perfectly in a room with bay windows as it is not only incredibly cozy but also can make a useful space out of an area that may have been disregarded. A banquette seat can also double up as an ideal storage solution!

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