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Leather or Fabric Sofa?

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2nd October 2017

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16th March 2018

When buying a sofa it is essential to get the perfect fabric for you! It is important to consider its design, practicality and durability, as well as your lifestyle and how you plan on looking after your new furniture. Many people often face the dilemma of choosing between leather and fabric sofas and we are at hand to help you make this difficult decision.


When choosing between a leather and fabric sofa it is a good idea to think of the design and aesthetic you would like to achieve. Leather sofas can come in a variety of finishes achieved by the tanning process, from distressed to a soft and modern look. You can choose between a range of different types such as aniline (or semi-aniline) leather, full grain or corrected grain pigmented leather and an antique appearance or waxy leather look.

Fabric sofas on the other hand presents you with a greater range of colour options and designs. Here there is an almost unlimited choice of fabrics, ranging from chenille to cotton, wool to velvet and microfiber to linen blend. As well as a huge array of patterns and colours to look in to.


When looking at the durability of leather sofas, it is important to remember that natural leather will often vary with markings and scars as well as differences in colour and texture to begin with which will develop even more on most-used areas like seat cushions.

Many people like the uniqueness and character that this brings but this is definitely something to consider.

Both fabric and leather sofas are at the mercy of the fading effects of sunlight so it is a good idea to keep them at least 30cm away from direct heat sources to prevent them drying out.


Leather sofas are easy to look after as you can easily remove dust with a slightly damp cloth however when it comes to tougher stains fabric sofas are often more accommodating as they allow for fabric cleaners and the cushion covers can be detachable and thus can be popped in the washing machine to keep it looking as good as new. Natural cotton fibre, for instance, is extremely versatile, whether it is pure or blended. It is incredibly comfortable and very easy to care for.

At Moores Interiors, we will work with you to choose the right finish for your sofa. Our 70 years of experience give us the edge when it comes to understanding what works for our customers and our knowledgeable designers will ensure that you end up with a sofa that suits your style and your lifestyle.

Find out more about our simple bespoke sofa process and get in touch today.

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