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2nd October 2017

5 Things to consider when buying a new sofa

  1. 1 Size

Making sure your sofa fits in your living room is crucial when choosing which one to buy. It is important to look at the proportions of your room and be realistic about the size of furniture you can fit into your room. Our two dimensional floor plan drawings enable you to visualise your room and ensure that your furniture fits perfectly. From curved sofas to the inclusion of armchairs, pouffes and/or banquette seating, our drawings will allow you to get a real sense of how your room will look and flow. Moreover, depending on the layout of the room, a corner or modular sofa may just work better. It’s important to remember that reclining sofas require a little extra room and that all sofas should be kept a safe distance away from radiators. Choosing a bespoke sofa enables you to have complete control over every single aspect of the design. Decisions on shape, length, width, depth, comfort and of course fabrics are entirely in your hands. We will of course always share our vast knowledge with you and help you navigate your way through the options.

  1. 2 Fabric

It is also crucial that you consider the fabric you want to cover your sofa. There are so many options out there from wool to velvet and cotton to leather as well as a host of man-made fibres. Make sure you consider what will match your room, as well as the strength and durability of your chosen material. How your chosen fabric will last over time is impacted by many different things, including if you have children / pets or if your sofa is in direct sunlight.

  1. 3 Shape

Make sure that you also bear in mind the shape of sofa which is right for you and your room. You should consider the shape of the back of the sofa, be it a fixed back, scatter back or cushion back and the shape of the arms, be it scroll arms or square ones and anything in between! Ensure that you think about what will fit into your room as well as the style of sofa you are after. A bespoke sofa will ensure that you have the perfect sofa for you and your lifestyle.

  1. 4 Budget

Buying a new sofa can be a valuable investment and considering factors such as durability will play an important part in ensuring that you are sensible with your money. Bespoke does not necessarily mean expensive. Choosing a sofa that will have lasting appeal to you and is carefully made to ensure it will last a long time often means that this option can actually be a better investment long term.

  1. 5 Comfort

The most important thing to consider when buying a sofa is your own comfort! You may look into many options that could make relaxing on your brand new sofa as enjoyable as possible. You could choose different headrests and armrests to suit your needs or you may wish to consider a recliner sofa for that added comfort. Additional scatter cushions are a fantastic way of ensuring maximum comfort and also give you an opportunity to throw a new colour shade or texture into the mix.

At Moores Interiors, we offer all clients the opportunity to test out their new sofa before it is covered in our workshop. If you aren’t happy with the cushion density, we will adjust it to suit you. Your choices are completely unrestricted at Moores Interiors and your dream sofa will be 100% bespoke. Find out more.

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